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best practices from college admissions staff

Most industries across the globe are undergoing some sort of modern transformation, and higher education is no different. As new generations of students enroll in college year after year, adapting to change, is a constant that every admissions team must be open to embrace. On a positive note, modernization also gives way to emerging technologies that provide greater efficiency around activities like college recruiting, interviewing, and marketing. We interviewed several college admissions professionals and, with the promise of anonymity, have compiled a list of their main frustrations and identified some of the ways they’ve solved them using innovative approaches.

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      • How to maximize a low budget between the marketing and recruiting deparpments to increase enrollment
      • How to determine the best approach to admissions and marketing teams without upsetting key stakeholders
      • How to encourage effective collaboration across university departments
      • Advice from real admissions professionals to ease the college admissions process

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