Align your marketing efforts with the communication habits and expectations of today's students

Whenever we talk to leaders in higher ed, we hear the same frustrations over and over again from admissions directors, enrollment managers, and marketing VPs. When it comes to yield marketing, they feel like they’re doing all the right things, but their efforts are still coming up short. Any one person’s difficulties may not be all that telling, but when the same frustrations echo throughout an industry, it signifies a trend that demands attention. So we decided to dig in and uncover the root causes of their frustrations.

Watch the free webinar to learn:

  1. Strategies to avoid spreading your efforts too thin
  2. How you can align your yield efforts with students' communication habits and expectations
  3. Routes for personalization at the bottom of the funnel
  4. Ways you can keep up with changing trends and expectations

Students choose to enroll at the school where they feel the strongest emotional connection, and will refer to an "a ha!" moment when they just knew that a particular college was "the one." 



Drew Horne | Account Executive | StudentBridge

Drew Horne | Account Executive | StudentBridge